Personal Injury

A personal injury claim arises whenever someone suffers an injury or wrongful death because of another’s negligence. Negligence can occur through either an action, such as following a vehicle too closely, or through inaction, such as failing to properly maintain brakes on a car. Some common areas of personal injury and negligence law are premises liability, motor vehicle collisions, products liability, and professional malpractice. The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in the State of Georgia is generally two years from the date of injury. In some special circumstances, such as when the injured person is a child, there is a longer period of time to file a claim. It is always prudent to consult with a Georgia personal injury lawyer to determine filing deadlines. The Cuadra& Patel Law Office employs a dedicated team of legal professionals using a sophisticated filing system to keep track of every development or deadline in a case.

Retaining an experienced personal injury advocate is essential for a claimant to fully protect his interests after suffering injury caused by another’s negligence. Injury lawyers are conversant in medical terminology and routinely communicate with doctors and therapists to help insure all aspects of a client’s injury are properly appreciated and documented. By retaining counsel as early as possible, injury victims allow for critical witness testimony to be thoroughly documented and relevant physical evidence preserved. Studies show individuals with attorney representation consistently receive substantially higher settlements than those proceeding alone. Insurance companies typically set aside funds to pay potential claims soon after being made aware of an injury caused by their insured’s negligence. Having a skilled advocate while adjusters make initial evaluations enhances the potential for a satisfactory out of court resolution to any negligence-related claim. Personal injury clients of the Cuadra & Patel Law Office can relax and concentrate on healing while knowledgeable professionals navigate the complexities of an injury claim through the insurance and legal system. When cases cannot be favorably settled, the lawyers at Cuadra & Patel provide the best possible advocacy in Georgia courtrooms. Contact Cuadra & Patel today to schedule your consultation.